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Naure Photography

Nature photography is one of the many different aspects of photography that an individual interested in photography may specialize in. This scope of photography is actually quite large and varied since there are many different sides to nature photography. There are so many sides of this kind of photography that it is a sort of umbrella under which landscape, plants, wildlife and other scenes and textures connected to these. Usually, there are not a lot of people included in photos that are under the category of nature photography, this does not however mean that there are no people in nature photography. Usually, photographs pertaining to nature are taken outdoors and depict elements of nature which are in their natural state. There are so many different ways to take pictures pertaining to nature photography and many photographers use wide angled lenses and macro lenses to present their works.




Landscape pictures of landscape photography are usually focused on vast areas of land on which there are unusual or eye-catching scenes. This type of nature photography is quite popular for scenic pictures which show mountain ranges, vast plains, unique lays of land and other notable scenes. This type of digital nature photography can depict numerous scenes which show various types of land formations. These land formations may include caves, underwater formations, mountains, plains and others.




Wildlife photography is one aspect of nature photography which shows animals in action. The action shots are usually those of animals in flight, eating, fighting and in various modes of life, especially action photos. Photographs of wildlife in action are somewhat difficult to obtain and may necessitate the use of professional photographic equipment as well as blinds and camouflage tents to lull the animals into acting naturally and forgetting or not being aware of the presence of man. This does not, however, mean that pictures of animals and other wildlife lounging around are excluded from this aspect of nature photography.


These two aspects of nature photography are sometimes combined to produce a photograph.  Many nature photography subjects are that of a particular landscape with wildlife distinctly from that same area. These two are usually taken with a wide angle lens as opposed to macro lenses which focus on the finer details of the smaller flora and fauna. Macro lenses are lenses that are usually ranged for use in close up nature photography. Nature photography is a very wide and varied category of photography that many photographers are very interested in and enthusiastic about.